The team at Axiom is comprised of auditors with vast experience in both private and public sectors. We are aware of the sensitivity that often comes with audit work, and as such we work collaboratively, to ensure that all our products are factually accurate and contribute to managing risk. We pride ourselves on being independent and accountable. We adopt methodologies that offer the right balance of flexibility and discipline to ensure a robust and well evidenced outcome.

We are specialist Information System Auditors and can provide ICT support service in various capacities. Specific experience includes:

  • Cyber security maturity assessments

  • Financial systems reviews of SAP, Oracle, Technology One, and Peoplesoft

  • Application reviews of complex systems including for asset management, inventory, human resources and payment processing based systems

  • Technical reviews across a wide variety of environments including Windows servers, SQL Servers, Oracle and DB/2 platforms

  • Performing General Controls Reviews using COBIT

  • Evaluations of ICT governance structures

Assurance in ICT Systems

ICT Audits & Reviews

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Axiom staff are deeply experienced in performing data analytics using a variety of analytics tools. Having undertaken data analytics for large federal government programs, Axiom understands the value of leveraging data to provide wider coverage of assurance requirements. Therefore, where possible, all our engagements actively consider data analytics to identify trends, issues and greater coverage of any given population or dataset.

Given that the analytics solutions can be replicated periodically, Axiom not just undertakes analytics, but also supports its clients to utilise such tools on an on-going basis so that management can harvest the benefits of insights from data as well as have more ownership of analytics capabilities.

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Data Analytics


We provide both internal and performance audit services as either a sole provider, or working alongside your employees to complement your existing audit functions. We will perform our work with due dilligence, to ensure that you receive both value for money and tangible business performance improvement.

Value for Money & Performance Improvement

Performance and Internal Audit


Axiom is comprised of qualified accountants who have a detailed understanding of procurement within the public and private sector. We have delivered a number of procurement reviews for the Commonwealth and ACT Government, all of which have resulted in value for money, tailored solutions for our clients.

Saving You Money

Procurement and Contracting

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