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Our Community

Investing in the local community

As a Canberra-based firm, without the benefit of a national or global presence, Axiom is truly local. As such, we are proud of our local experience, influence, and impact. Axiom is proud of the:

  • cadetships it offers local university students to help them earn and learn essential skills which relate to their degrees, thereby making them more employable by the time they graduate

  • pro bono assurance work our partners and staff undertake for local sports clubs and charitable institutions so that they can invest funds into improving operational outcomes rather than having to spend them on compliance and assurance services

  • sponsorships our partners and staff offer local charities to improve outcomes for the socially disadvantaged in our region.

Axiom firmly believes in giving back to the local community and commercial organisations. From a community perspective, Axiom is a proud sponsor of the Woden Valley Soccer Club. This involves providing financial support, volunteering as a team Coach, and delivering free accounting services to assist in the preparation of annual Financial Statements.

Proud Partner of Soldier On


Axiom’s strategy and resolve commits to sowing back into our local community

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